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Sole Trader

Running your business as a Sole Trader can be a great way to start your freelance work or self-employment career because it involves less administration than Limited Companies.

If you are considering working as a Sole Trader, Fencross Management Solutions offer a complete service to ensure that you meet all of your statutory requirements and all statutory deductions are made.

However, Fencross are only enable to engage individuals who are genuinely self-employed and therefore not working under, or subject to the right of supervision, direction or control by anybody.

Please note this service is unsuitable for:

  • Individuals working on hourly rates
  • Most individuals or Agencies supplying labour only services within the rail industry
  • Agency staff within construction that are subject to direction, supervision or control such as labourers, non-skilled operatives, drivers etc

For more information about the services Fencross Management Solutions provides to Personal Sole Traders, please contact us via email at or call one of our advisors on 03333660011